Numbers don't lie but ...

During #COVID19, people are following the news, social media, unknown rumours, fake news to form a picture of the current situation every day. Data and information came to us in all different formats. Some are helpful and relevant while others consume our time but provide little value to us in terms of forming a relatively accurate picture of the current situation.

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Identify the Automation Gap in Testing

Automation in testing has many benefits many of us have experienced and learned in the last decade at various degrees. As a tester, I started my testing interests as a guy maintaining the automated tests suite as part of a project deliverable and handover. Since then, I found myself always managed to keep a hand on the maintenance part of the automation which enables me to experience some of the unspoken automation facts.

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Three wishes with Aladdin's magic lamp

My three wishes into the future from 2019:

  1. Testers facilitate, coach, influence others for better quality, incorporate quality mindset into every corner of SDLC. it’s the thinking that matters!
  2. No more useless, meaningless and wasteful testing artefacts and documentations. it’s a waste.
  3. No more divide within testing (automated vs manual; technical vs non-technical). it’s bad!
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